I had my PTE training at EZPTE and that was fantastic. The kind of human relationship, patience, and help to everyone I met in the facility was amazing. I thank everyone who helped me to pass my exams."
I highly recommend EZPTE. I had a great experience, instructors were very supportive and all reading and writing materials , tips and tricks are very helpful.I got my desired score .Thank you so much.
Zhang Liaoguoqing:
I spent 3 months preparing for PTE and I got 75 overall. My original IELTS is band 5.5. EZPTE really teaches you how to prepare very well!
I'm really happy! I don't have any confidence in my English. My friend introduced EZ PTE and came to try it. Before I found a lot of tutor but also can’t get 50 result ,In a month, the course was prepared. Originally, I passed at once! Thank you very much, teachers. They are very experienced, professional and responsible! Thank you!
Penny Lai:
Really happy! Before coming to Yixue, I was going to take the IELTS test, but I didn't feel confident. A friend introduced Yixue PTE and came to try it out. After a month of preparation for the course, I thought it was just to test the water. I really appreciate the teachers, they are very experienced, professional and responsible! More than heart ~ thank you!
Ling Yu:
I have studied in other institutions for a long time, failed the exam several times, and gave up when I was tired. I came to Yixue in February this year to find Pharaoh one-on-one. After class, I would like to thank Yixue for being very professional and patient. No matter how late it is, I will reply to your question, PTE must be easy to learn! ! !
Very professional, I highly recommend this school to achive the score you need for your PTE test.
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