【易学PTE】真题鸡精 - 口语RS1.0(更新日期2018-09-19)

真题机经-口语Repeat Sentence





1.        39.5% California residentsdon't speak English at home.

2.        39.5% California residentsspeak a language other than English at home.

3.        A full list of bibliography isneeded at the end of all filed assignments.

4.        A lot of agricultural workerscame to the East End to look for alternative work.

5.        A periodical is a publicationthat is issued regularly.

6.        A preliminary bibliography isdue the week before the spring break.

7.        A study skill seminar is onfor the students who require assistance.

8.        A thorough bibliography isneeded at the end of every assignment.

9.        Acupuncture is a techniqueinvolved in traditional Chinese medicine

10.      AfterI graduate from college, I spent two years travelling around the world.

11.      Allessays and seminar papers submitted must be emailed to your tutor.

12.      Allfiled assignments should have a full list of bibliography.

13.      Allnecessary information is in the assignment.

14.      Allpostgraduate students should participate in the seminar.

15.      Allstudents and staff have the access to printers and laptops.

16.      Allstudents are encouraged to vote in the forthcoming elections.

17.      Allstudents must participate in the exercise.

18.      Allthe assignments should be submitted by the end of this week.

19.      Allergyproblems do run in the family but we don't understand why.

20.      Almostevery representative of a new idea has to struggle and suffer similardifficulties.

21.      Anatomyis the study of internal and external structures.

22.      Andin this regard, as well as in other regards this consideration is important.

23.      Anytext or references you make should be cited appropriately in the footnotes.

24.      Anyonewho has a problem with their accommodation should speak to the welfare officer.

25.      Asfor me, it is a strategy, to go to judicial review.

26.      Basketballwas created in 1891 by a physician in physical structure.

27.      Beinga student representative on the union really cuts into my study time.

28.      Beinga vegan means not eating any other meat.

29.      Biographicalinformation should be removed before the publication of the results.

30.      Childrenare not allowed in the chemical labs.

31.      Companyexists for money, not for society.

32.      Conferencesare always scheduled on the third Wednesday of the month.

33.      Couldyou pass the material to students that are in your row?

34.      Criticalliterature theory broaden interpretation.

35.      Distancelearning has become far more popular these days.

36.      DoctorGreen's office has been moved to the second floor of the building.

37.      Doesthe college refectory offer vegetarian dishes on a daily basis?

38.      Doingthis research makes me think of the purpose of science.

39.      Don’thesitate to ask if you have any questions.

40.      Don'tforget to do a library tour on the first week of your semester.

41.      Don'tforget to hand in your assignments by the end of next week.

42.      Dueto rising for courses, university should increase their staff, too.

43.      Duringthe next few centuries, London will become one of the most powerful andprosperous cities in Europe.

44.      Eatingtoo much can lead to too many health problems.

45.      Elephantis the largest mammal on the land.

46.      Essaysshould be typed with double space in white paper.

47.      Establishingand retaining intellectual leadership clearly takes strong management skills.

48.      Evenwith the permit, finding a parking spot on campus is still impossible.

49.      Facebookis one of the most popular websites in the world today.

50.      Farmersdo not always receive the price for agricultural goods.

51.      Feesare heavily discounted and bursaries are available for delegates.

52.      Fewpeople now are skeptical about alternative power sources such as wind power.

53.      Goodresearch presents many benefits to the real people

54.      Hewas not the only one to call for a legal reform in the 16th century.

55.      Highernumbers of patients were infected than during previous outbreaks of illness.

56.      However,this method is problematic in terms of accuracy.

57.      Ibelieve children should read aloud more.

58.      Ican't attend the lecture because I have a doctor appointment.

59.      Icould not save my work as my computer got crashed.

60.      Ididn't understand the author's point of view on immigration.

61.      Idon't like cheese and tomato sandwiches on white bread and orange juice.

62.      Imissed yesterday's lecture. Can I borrow your notes?

63.      Imust see him before he flies out to London for about a week.

64.      Istill don't understand the last sentence.

65.      Ithink the university's main campus is closed.

66.      Ithought the mid-term exam was only worth half of our course grade.

67.      Iwas overwhelmed with too much irrelevant information.

68.      Iwill be in my office every day from eleven to twelve.

69.      Iwill check again but I am pretty sure we are supposed to read chapter two.

70.      Iwill now demonstrate how the reaction can be arrested by adding a dilute acid.

71.      Ifshe doesn't speak the language, she's not going to sit around a week for atranslator.

72.      Ifyou forgot your student number, you should contact Jenny Brice.

73.      Ifyou need any information about the university, you can check from informationoffice located beside the corridor.

74.      Ifyou want to quit the student union, tell the registrar.

75.      I'llstart with a brief history of the district, and then focus on the life in thefirst half of the 20th century.

76.      I'mglad that you've got it.

77.      Inconsultation with your supervisor, your thesis is approved by the facultycommittee.

78.      InEurope, the political pressure is similar regarding globalization.

79.      Inthe last few weeks, we've been looking at various aspects of the social historyof London.

80.      Inthe past, students were required to complete two long written assignments.

81.      Informationis being given to readers in a format that looks familiar.

82.      Internationalstudents can get help with locating housing near the university.

83.      Interpretersare not readily available in this department.

84.      Itis acknowledged that his work is groundbreaking.

85.      Itis important that you work as a team on this project.

86.      Itis important to take gender into account when discussing the figures.

87.      Itis quite clear that the rising prosperity does not make people feel morecontent.

88.      Itis utmostly important that you don't rely on translation online.

89.      It'sthe words of common occurrence that have different referential values.

90.      It'stime to finalize the work before the Wednesday seminar.

91.      I'vegot a tutorial in an hour and I haven't had any time to prepare for it.

92.      Journalismis the collection and publication or transmission of news.

93.      Justwait a minute, I will be with you shortly.

94.      Knivesand forks should be placed next to the spoons on the edge of the table.

95.      Lecturetheater is located on the ground floor of the building.

96.      Makesure you correctly cite all your sources.

97.      Manyhealth workers think that pensioners are too old to understand.

98.      Manyof his research objectives are driven by his natural curiosity and instincts.

99.      Manyof the most popular courses are available online.

100.  Manyof the urban poor lived in an extremely cramped condition.

101.  Manyspecies have yet to be described by biologists.

102.  Maybeit is time for me to make some changes.

103.  Meetingwith tutors could be arranged for students who need additional help.

104.  Meteorologyis a subject of the earth's atmosphere.

105.  Modernpoetry often tests the conventions of language and rhythm.

106.  Morefemales than males graduated from universities last year.

107.  Moremuscles are used in swimming than any other sport.

108.  Mostof the assignments should be submitted on the same day.

109.  Moststudents are not eligible to claim housing benefits.

110.  Mytutorial class will begin on next Monday morning.

111.  Newtimetables will be posted on the student notice board.

112.  NewYork City is famous for its ethnic diversity.

113.  Nexttime, we will discuss the influence of the media on public policy.

114.  Novelistshave a major role to play in reflecting their time to their readers.

115.  Onbehalf of our department, I would like to thank you for your participation.

116.  Onthis project, you will be asked to work as a group of three.

117.  Ourclass is divided into two groups. You come with me, the others stay here.

118.  Ourlog books make up of five percent of total marks.

119.  Ourprofessor is hosting the business development conference next week.

120.  Overcrowdingand poor sanitation affected the daily lives of the majority of the population.

121.  Parentsshould provide guidance and examples to children's values.

122.  Peoplewith an active lifestyle are less likely to die early or to have a majorillness.

123.  Physicsis the subject of matters and energy.

124.  Pleasecome to the next seminar properly prepared.

125.  Pleasefinish all the reading chapters before the field trip.

126.  Pleasego straight and turn left to reach the library.

127.  Pleasehand in assignments at the main office.

128.  Pleasehave copies of your seminar papers in the library a week in advance.

129.  Pleaseprepare a PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow's meeting.

130.  Pleaseregister your student email account at your earliest convenience.

131.  Portfoliois due to the internal review office no later than Tuesday.

132.  ProfessorSmith will be late for today's lecture.

133.  Rememberto sign the attendance register before leaving the lecture hall.

134.  Residentshall is closed prior to the academic building closing time in the semester.

135.  Rulesof breaks and lunch time vary from one company to another.

136.  Sheate a sandwich and drank juice.

137.  Shehas been in the library for a long time.

138.  Sheis an expert of the 18th century French literature.

139.  Shesold all her furniture, so she could afford to feed herself and her dog.

140.  Shewas always here, but today, she is missed.

141.  Sportis the cause of traumatic brain injuries in the United States.

142.  Studentservices provide help with housing and transport.

143.  Studentsare afraid of writing an essay, because they have learned nothing about it.

144.  Studentsare held accountable for adhering to established community standards.

145.  Studentscan download the materials on the website.

146.  Studentscan get access to computers on a daily basis.

147.  Studentsmust observe lab safety regulations at all time.

148.  Studentsneed to finish their assignments during the next four weeks.

149.  Studentswill not be given credits for assignment submitted after the due date.

150.  Studiessuggest there may be a correlation between educational achievement and familysize.

151.  Thatbrief outline takes us to the beginning of the 20th century.

152.  Theaesthetic implications of this study have not yet been fully explored.

153.  Theagricultural sector in that country has heavily subsidized.

154.  Theapplication form is available in the office.

155.  Thearts magazine is looking for a new assistant editor.

156.  Theauthor expressed a XXX that modern readers XXX cannot accept.

157.  Thebooks reserved in the library can be borrowed for up to 3 hours.

158.  Thecafe house is closed down but the snack machine will be running throughout thenight.

159.  Thecampus tour will help you get familiar with the teaching facilities.

160.  Thechemistry exam results will be posted on the website.

161.  Thecirculation desk is located on the ground floor.

162.  Theclear evidence between brain events and behavioral events is fascinating.

163.  Thecollege welcomes students from all over the world.

164.  Thecomputer virus destroyed all my files.

165.  Thecontext includes both the land history and the human history.

166.  Thecountry suffered a series of invasions by tribes on present-day Germany andDenmark.

167.  Thecourse registration is open early March for new students.

168.  Thecurrent statistical evidence indicates the need for further research.

169.  Thedate of the invention of the first clock is disputed among historians.

170.  Thedevelopment is mainly included in chapter 9.

171.  Thedevelopment was mainly included in chapter nine.

172.  Thedrama society is now auditioning for parts in the student play.

173.  Theeconomics class will take place in the main lecture room.

174.  TheEnglish word Typhoon comes from the Chinese word big wind.

175.  Thefinal year will consist of four taught courses and one project.

176.  Thefire left the area almost completely devoid of vegetation.

177.  Thefirst few sentences of an essay should capture the readers' attention.

178.  Thefirst person in space was from the Soviet Union.

179.  Theglass is not the real solid, because it doesn't have crystal structure.

180.  Theinformation on the Internet becomes more reliable.

181.  Theinherent tension between these two features remains to be addressed.

182.  Theinitial results are intriguing, however, statistically speaking they areinsignificant.

183.  Theinteraction of climate change and soil degradation will probably aggravateconditions.

184.  Thelecture on child's psychology has been postponed until Friday.

185.  Thelecture would deal with the influence of technology on music.

186.  Thelibrary will be closed for 3 days over the bank holiday weekend.

187.  Themajority of the hardware that we are using was built for a customer.

188.  Themaximum production of chocolate is in the U.S.

189.  Themedical centre is located near the supermarket on North Street.

190.  Themeeting will take place in the main auditorium.

191.  Theminimal mark for Distinction is no less than 75%.

192.  Themismatch between the intended and reported uses of the instrument has becomeclear.

193.  Thenew hypothesis needs to be tested with a new controlled experiment.

194.  Theoffice said Dr. Smith would arrive later today.

195.  Theoriginal Olympic game is one kind of original festival.

196.  Theoriginal Olympic Games were celebrated as religious festivals.

197.  Thepart of the story is the story of my father.

198.  Thepharmacy was closed when I went past this morning.

199.  Theprofessor has promised to put his lecture notes online.

200.  Theprofessor will talk about the summary in the lecture.

201.  Theprogram depends entirely on private funding.

202.  Thepsychology department is looking for volunteers to be involved in researchprojects.

203.  Thereal reason for world's hunger is not the lack of food, but poverty.

204.  Therecent study has thrown out the validity of the argument.

205.  Therecent technical advances have not only been big, they have also been fast.

206.  Theresearch paper should begin with a thorough review of the literature.

207.  Theresult of the study will be published next month.

208.  Theresults of the study underscored the discoveries from early detection.

209.  Theresults will be available in the main course and online.

210.  TheRomans left in 410 at the beginning of the fifth century.

211.  TheSchool of Arts and Design has an open day on Thursday next week.

212.  Theseminar on writing skills has been cancelled.

213.  Theseminar will be on the last week of the quarter.

214.  Thesmoke from these contributed a great deal to the air pollution.

215.  Thestudent welfare officer can help with questions about exam techniques.

216.  Thestudy showed that people's mood could be affected by news and weather reports.

217.  Thetechnology they didn't introduce meant that metal and leather goods wereproduced there for the first time.

218.  Thetest selected materials from all chapters in this course this semester.

219.  Thetheoretical proposal was challenged to grass.

220.  Thetopic next week on colonial will be the nuclear disarmament.

221.  Thetrial is to increase the interests of the issue and the jurisdiction.

222.  Thetutor is there for help, so do ask if you don't understand anything.

223.  Thetutorial is held on the 8th of April.

224.  TheUnited Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

225.  Theuniversity celebrated the Earth Day by planting trees.

226.  Theverdict depends on which side was more convincing to the jury.

227.  Thevisiting professor is going to give a lecture for geology.

228.  Thewheelchair lift has been upgraded this month.

229.  Thereare hundreds of clubs and societies to choose from.

230.  Thereare lots of people competing for the places in computer courses.

231.  Thereare no scheduled classes during the final exam weeks.

232.  Thereis a position available for a junior lecturer in media studies.

233.  Thereis no entrance fee for tonight's lecture.

234.  Thereis plenty of cheap accommodation off-campus.

235.  Thereis plenty of cheap accommodation off-campus.

236.  Thereis varying plagiarism across different university departments.

237.  Therewill be a guest lecturer visiting the department next month.

238.  Therewill be a significant rise in tuition fees starting next year.

239.  Therewill be ample opportunities to ask questions about the presentation.

240.  Therewill be no extensions given for this project.

241.  Therewill be open book exams on Monday the 28th.

242.  Theywere struggling to pay their fees last year.

243.  Thisarticle covers whom, where and when of the conflict.

244.  Thiscan be used as a starting point of my discussion today.

245.  Thiscourse will examine some of the profound ethical dilemmas.

246.  Thisyear we are applying to use a different type of assessment on this module.

247.  Toreceive the reimbursement, you must keep the original receipts.

248.  Tounderstand its entity, we need to go back to its origin.

249.  Trafficis very bad in the evening, therefore we must leave early.

250.  Tryto explain how your ideas are linked so that there is a logical flow.

251.  Tutorialsare held for two hours every Thursday during the semester.

252.  Unfortunately,the two most interesting economic selectives clash on my timetable.

253.  Verylittle of the work of today's knowledge firm is repetitive mechanical.

254.  Weare also going to be more prescriptive about what you focus on in yourpresentation.

255.  Weare delighted to have professor Robert to join our faculty.

256.  Weare not going to accept the assignment after the due date on Friday.

257.  Weare warning the clients that the rates are increasing.

258.  Wedon't have enough evidence to draw conclusions.

259.  Wedon't teach in the same way that we used to.

260.  Wemust not be discouraged by setbacks in life.

261.  Wemust put great care when analyzing the data.

262.  Weoffer a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

263.  Weprovide a wide range of courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

264.  Wewill discuss these two pictures in the next lecture.

265.  Wewould like a first draft of the assignment by Monday.

266.  We'dlike people to write a case study, describing an organization they know.

267.  We'vedecided to ask you to write four short pieces of written coursework thissemester.

268.  We'vedecided to ask you to write four short pieces of written coursework this year.

269.  WhenI was in school, I had many of the same problems you do now.

270.  Wouldyou like to videotape our lecture?

271.  Wouldyou pass me the book on the left hand side?

272.  Wouldyou pass the book on the left hand side?

273.  Wouldyou prepare some PowerPoint slides with appropriate graphs?

274.  Youcan get a student card at the reception.

275.  Youmust complete this chapter before going to the field trip.

276.  Youmust establish a day and a time with your tutor.

277.  Youshould include your name and identification number in the application form.

278.  Youshould raise your concern with the head of the school.

279.  Youwill be informed of the results by email.

280.  Youwill be informed of the results by e-mail.

281.  Youwill be less stressed if you are well prepared for the exam.

282.  Youwill find the economics section on the second floor of the library.

283.  Yourenrollment information, results and fees will be available online.