【Mock Test B】Part 1 - Speaking (New)

Mock Test B (New)

PART 1: Read Aloud

  1. Extroverts tend to move quickly and try to influence situations directly, while introverts give themselves time to develop their insights before   exposing them to the world. Extroverts are happy making decisions in the thick of events, while introverts want to   reflect before taking action. (Recommended Time: 17-19)

  2. The purpose of the informative speech is to provide interesting, useful, and unique information to your audience. By dedicating yourself   to the goals of providing information and appealing to your audience, you can take a positive   step toward succeeding in your efforts   as an informative speaker. ( Recommended Time: 18-20s)

  3. Most of us spend on average 18 hundred hours per year in our jobs, and will work for about 40 years before retirement.   When you consider the amount of time spent in the office, you soon realize how important it is to feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day, rather than just meeting financial objectives. (RecommendedTime: 16-18s)

  4. Quite obviously, a significant rise in the number of people in a given area or country will affect the demand for a whole host of goods and services.   Note that a change in the structure of the population will increase the demand for some goods but reduce the demand for others. (Recommended   Time: 22-24s)

  5. With a population of only just over 30 million living in the world's second largest country, Canada is justly renowned for vast tracts of wilderness   untroubled by pollution either from industry or from intensive farming methods. A major conservation issue is the battle to stop the logging of virgin   forest innorthern Ontario and on the west coast. (Recommended Time: 12-14s)

  6. Yet this landscape, which appeared so alien and confronting to the white settlersand explorers, had been home for thousands of   years to Indigenous   Australiansfor whom the plains, ranges and deserts were a sustaining, spiritual and integral part of their existence.

  7. The interludes which break up the game play action, and which, because they can be made to a higher level of animation, often provide the   most visually arresting sequences of a game. Combined with a taste for bizarrely complicated, recursive plots, and long sequences   of wordy explicatory dialogue, this turns the games into a bit of a drag.

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