【Mock C】Part 1 - Speaking (New)

Mock Test C (New)

PART 1: Read Aloud

  1. Most people do not realise that some banks literally make money by giving loans without having money on deposit. The system is called   fractional reserve banking and is used in most economies. It sounds as though it is safe because it says that banks have to keep a fraction of their deposits with the Reserve Bank.

  2. Your subject outlines are a good place to go to find information about which textbooks to buy.   You will usually be given one   of these for each subject in the first lecture, but if you are missing one or need one earlier then youshould contact the subject coordinator.

  3. This book is no ordinary book, and should not be read through from beginning to end. It contains many different adventures,   and the path you take will depend on the choices you make along the way. The success or failure of your mission will depend on the decisions   you make, so think carefully before choosing.

  4. Two sisters were at a dinner party when the conversation turned to upbringing. The elder sister started to say that her parents had been   very strict and that shehad been rather frightened of them. Her sister, younger by two years, interrupted in amazement.   "What are you talking about?" she said."Our parents were very lenient."

  5. Nature offers no greater splendour than the starry sky on a clear, dark night.   Silent and jeweled with the constellations of ancient   myth and legend,   the night sky has inspired wonder throughout the ages — a wonder that leads our imaginations far from the confines   of Earth and the pace of the present day and out into the distant reaches of space and cosmic time itself.

  6. The advantage of the great European and American orchestras is that they were ableto establish their iconic status in an age when their   identity could become entrenched, there was less competition and it was easier to create a brand. Notonly did they have the best halls,   they attracted the best musicians, who tended to stay put.

  7. Despite a number of events in recent years devoted to language diversity, language endangerment, and multilingualism, such as the   International Year of Languages, public awareness of the issues is still remarkably limited. Only one in four ofthe population   know that half the languages of the world are so seriously endangered that they are unlikely to survive the present century.

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