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真题机经-听力Write from Dictation高频8.0







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1.           A goodresearch assistant is not afraid to ask questions.

2.           Accountingstudents should have a good understanding of profit and loss statements.

3.           All of theassignments must be submitted in person to the faculty office.

4.           Althoughsustainable development is not easy, it is our responsibility.

5.           Animalsraised in captivity behave differently than their wild counterparts.

6.           Assignmentsshould be submitted to the department/general office before the deadline.

7.           Beforesubmitting/you submit your dissertation, your adviser/advisor must approve yourapplication.

8.           Behind thecrops, there is a flat cart drawn by mules.

9.           Behind thegroups, there is a flat cart drawn by mules.

10.        Both staffand students ……parkingpermit online.(待确认)

11.        Climatechange is now an acceptable phenomenon among reputable scientists.

12.        Clinicalplacement in nursing prepares students for professional practice.

13.        Controlsystems in manufacturing provide a high level in accuracy.

14.        Enrolling ina double major may/can increase your career options.

15.        Everyonemust evacuate the premises during the fire drill.

16.        Farmingmethods around the world have greatly developed recently.

17.        Find out howto get sources/resources before your research.

18.        Free campustours run daily during summer for prospective students.

19.        Goodresearch paper delivers practical benefits to real people.

20.        Governmentsneed to make solar energy more affordable to people.

21.        He wasconstantly looking for ways to bring industry and agriculture closely together.

22.        I thought itwas through the small meeting room.

23.        If financeis a cause of concern, scholarships may be available.

24.        In thislanguage course, we both focus on fluency and accuracy.

25.        Industryexperts will discuss job opportunities work.

26.        It isabsolutely vital that you acknowledge all your sources.

27.        It was hardto anticipate how all the different characters would react.

28.        Let me knowif anyone/anybody struggles in the lab.

29.        Libraryreference desks hold a lot of materials on academic history.

30.        Manygraduates of journalism can get jobs in the communications field.

31.        Maturestudents usually adapt to university life extremely well.

32.        Most of thestudents have not considered this issue before.

33.        Most ofthese features were part of the previous system.

34.        Mutuallyexclusive events can be described as either complementary or opposite.

35.        Nativespeakers are exempt from the language tests in their own language.

36.        Observerswaited nervously and with bated breath for the concert.

37.        One functionof the body fat is to keep (all) internal organs warm.

38.        One of theelection promises is to decrease the income tax.

39.        Our courseshelp improve critical thinking and independent learning skills.

40.        Our newmedical students must attend the talk about optional courses/classes.

41.        Ourprofessor is hosting the business development conference.

42.        Participantsinitially select from a range of foundation subjects.

43.        Please clickthe logo above to enter the site.

44.        Radio is apopular form of entertainment throughout the world.

45.        Review allthe sources before drawing any conclusions.

46.        Scientistsare always asking the government for more money.

47.        Severalcandidates were graded as the greatest scientists of all time.

48.        She used tobe the editor of the student newspaper.

49.        Somedepartments have their own special book collections.

50.        Some peopleare motivated by competition, while others prefer collaboration.

51.        Students(who) attempted to go to the conference must register now.

52.        Students areencouraged to monitor their own attendance.

53.        Studentshave right to succeed.

54.        Studentshave the options to live in college residences or apartments.

55.        Studentswere instructed to submit their assignments by Friday.

56.        Students’concession cards can be obtained by completing an application form.

57.        Supply anddemand is one of the (most) fundamental concepts in economics.

58.        Teachingassistants will receive a monthly stipend for housing.

59.        That meansthat we have so many struggles in the lab.

60.        The abilityto work with fellow students cannot be stressed enough.

61.        The aerialphotographs were promptly registered for thorough evaluation.

62.        Theapplication process may take longer than expected.

63.        The articlerefers (to)/reflects/verifies/records a number of interesting experiments.

64.        The artiststied to conservative politicians earned their own roles as the critics.

65.        The businesspolicy seminar includes an internship with a local firm.

66.        Thecelebrated theory is still the source of great controversy.

67.        Thechemistry building is located near the entrance to the campus.

68.        Thecity/city’s/cities/cities’ founders created a set of rules that became the law.

69.        Thecommissioner will collect the funds from authorities.

70.        Thecommissioner will portion the funds to all sovereignties.

71.        The economyis now showing the/its first sign/signs of recovery.

72.        Theevaluation forms will be reviewed by university personnel.

73.        The firstassignment is due on the fourteenth of September.

74.        TheIndustrial Revolution in Europe was driven by steam technology.

75.        The libraryholds a substantial collection of materials on economic history.

76.        The massiveaccumulation of data was converted into a communicable argument.

77.        The nationachieved prosperity by opening its ports for trade.

78.        The new medicalstudents should attend the talk about optional courses.

79.        The newpaper challenged many previously accepted theories.

80.        Theplacement test of mathematics and statistics is offered every semester.

81.        The plightof wildlife has been ignored by developers.

82.        The posterof this play is hung in the large lecture theatre .

83.        Thequalification will be assessed by using a criterion reference to approach.

84.        The railwaysmake long-distance travel possible for everyone.

85.        The sameissue(s) featured both explanations of the problem.

86.        Thesociology department is highly regarded worldwide.

87.        The studentswere instructed to submit their assignments before Friday.

88.        The summercourse has been cancelled  due toinsufficient enrolment.

89.        The synopsiscontains the most important information.

90.        The teacherasked the group to commence the task.

91.        The theme ofthe instrumental work exhibited more of a demure compositional style.

92.        The toughestpart of postgraduate education is funding.

93.        The ways inwhich people communicate are constantly changing.

94.        Theater/theatrestudy courses encourage students to exercise creativity.

95.        There areopportunities to receive the grants from most artistic fields.

96.        There havebeen (too) many struggles in the mathematics department.

97.        There is awelcome party for all new students for each term.

98.        They werestruggling last year to make their service pay.

99.        This courseconsiderably emphasizes on the critical thinking skills.

100.      This morning’s lecture on economic policyhas been cancelled .

101.      This problem is complex and difficult to explain.

102.      Those seeking for formal extension shouldcontact their faculty for information.

103.      Those who are considering a career ofmarketing should attend the talk.

104.      Those who seek for formal extension shouldcontact their faculty for information.

105.      Traffic is the main cause of (air)pollution in many cities.

106.      Tribes vibe/work with each other to buildup monolithic statues.

107.      Tutors should set goals at the start of theclass.

108.      Undergraduates may participate in specificstages within the program.

109.      Undergraduates pursue their interests instages within specific programs.

110.      University departments carefullymonitored/monitor articles and other publications by faculty.

111.      Unusual (patterns) are making/make farmingmore difficult.

112.      We can’t consider any increase in ourprices at this stage.

113.      We study science to understand andappreciate the world around us.

114.      When workers ask for higher wages,companies often raise their prices.

115.      While reconciliation is desirable, basicunderlying issues must first be addressed.

116.      You are required to complete the researchpaper by Monday.

117.      You can contact all your tutors by email.

118.      You will need to purchase an academic gownbefore/for the commencement.

119.      Your application for research grant havebeen received.

120.      Your lowest quiz grade has been omittedfrom the calculations.


1.           There are different/many types of governmentsin the world.

2.           The visitor used to be the lecturer of thisdepartment.

3.           The timetable for the next/new term will beavailable next week.

4.           You should submit your team papers to thegeneral office.

5.           Experts are (now) able to forecast weather overmuch longer periods.

6.           He is regarded as the most foremost economistthis year.

7.           The camera can identify eyes and focus on them.

8.           The professor took one year working on herbook.

9.           The site is designed to be interactive.

10.        The essay contains most of the importantinformation.

11.        We have not yet achieved equality in oursociety.

12.        Please visit the website for information aboutthe opening times.

13.        Geography is generally divided into twobranches: of human and physical.

14.        You will acquire many skills during theacademic studies.

15.        Tomorrow’s lecture will discuss educationalpolicy in the United States.

16.        Students are encouraged to monitor studies bythemselves.

17.        Collaboration between departments is a featureof successful companies.

18.        All lectures and learning materials can befound on the internet.

19.        Read safety instructions before using theequipment during the workshop.

20.        An introduction is an essential element ofpresentation.

21.        The article presents a number of veryinteresting experiments.

22.        Undergraduates need some specific sources toanalyze (analyse) a program (programme).

23.        The sustainable development is not easy, but itis unavoidable.

24.        The designers will complete the plan latertoday.

25.        The visiting guest used to be the lecturer ofthis department.

26.        The department has higher than normalproportion of postgraduate students.