【易学PTE】真题 - 高频13.0(更新2019-06)

高频13.0 - PART 1 Read Aloud

Part I: Read Aloud

  1. The beginning of the twenty first century will be remembered, not for military conflicts or political events, but for a whole new age of globalization 'flattening’ of the world. The explosion of advanced technologies now means that suddenly knowledge pools and resources have connected all over the planet, leveling the playing field as never before.

  2. Akimbo, this must be one of the odder-looking words in the language and puzzles us in part because it doesn’t seem to have any relatives,   What’s more, it is now virtually a fossil word, until recently almost invariably found in arms akimbo, a posture in which a person stands with hands on hips and elbows sharply bent outward, one signaling impatience or hostility.

  3. Augustus was given the powers of an absolute monarch, but he presented himself as the preserver of republican traditions. He treated the Senate, or state council, with great respect, and was made Consul year after year. He successfully reduced the political power of the army by retiring many soldiers, but giving them land or money to keep their loyalty.

  4. Australians do speak English, however, for some tourists and travelers, it can be difficult to understand the slang. Also, the links between Australian and American English were seen to be very tenuous. At least some colloquialisms in Australian English does not exist in other types of English.

  5. While blue is one of the most popular colors, it is one of the least appetizing. Bluefood is rare in nature. Food researchers say that when humans   searched forfood, they learned to avoid toxic or spoiled objects, which were often blue,black, or purple. When food dyed blue is served to study   subjects, they lose appetite.

  6. A national study into fraud by bookkeepers employed at small and medium-sized businesses has uncovered 65 instances of theft in more than   five years, withmore than $31 million stolen. Of the cases identified by the research, 56 involved women and nine instances involved men.   However, male bookkeepers who defrauded their employer stole three times, on average, the amount that womenstole.

  7. Although Botswana's economic outlook remains strong, the devastation that AIDS hascaused threatens to destroy the country's future. In 2001, Botswana has thehighest rates of HIV infection in the world. With the help of internationaldonors it launched an ambitious national campaign that provided free antiviraldrugs to anyone who need them, and by March 2004, Botswana's infection rate hasdropped significantly.

  8. Business school admissions officers said the new drive to attract younger students wasin part the result of a realization that they had inadvertently   limited their applicant pool by requiring several years' work experience. Talented students who might otherwise have gone to business school instead   opted for a law orpolicy degree because they were intimidated by the expectation of work experience.

  9. When countries assess their annual carbon dioxide emissions, they count up theircars and power stations, but bush fires are not included presumably becausethey are deemed to be events beyond human control. In Australia, Victoria alonesees several hundred thousand hectares burn each year in both 2004 and thepresent summer, the figure has been over 1 million hectares.

  10. As weprogress into the 21st century, communications are becoming faster and faster. Thinkof millions of different media images you are bombarded with every day. It isas important now to be able to read and make sense of these images, as it hasbeen to be able to read ordinary text.

  11. Companies will want to be known not just for the financial results they generate, butequally for the imprint they leave on society as a whole. First, ensuring thattheir products contribute positively. Second, operating in a way that approachesa "net-neutral" impact to the natural environment. And third,cherishing their people.

  12. The diversity of human language may be compared to the diversity of the natural world. Just as the demise of plant species reduces genetic diversity,   and deprives humanity or potential medical and biological resources. So extinction of language takes with it a wealth of culture, art and knowledge.

  13. Traditional divisions of domestic work are understood to persist because of the strong association of the home with humanity and paid work with masculinity - to challenge who does what in the home is arguably tantamount to challenge what itis to be a woman or a man.

  14. First-year university students have designed and built a groundbreaking electric car thatrecharges itself. Fifty students from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Engineering spent five months cobbling together bits of plywood, foam andfiberglass to build the ManGo concept car. They developed the specifications and hand built the car. It's a pretty radical design: a four-wheel drive with amotor in each wheel.

  15. Electronic discourse is one form of interactive electronic communication. In this study,we reserve the term for the two-directional texts in which one person using akeyboard writes language that appears on the sender's monitor and is transmitted to the monitor of a recipient, who responds by keyboard.

  16. Along with customary classes on subjects such as finance, accounting, and marketing, today’s MBA students are enrolling on courses for environmental policy and stewardship. Indeed, more than half of business schools require a course in environmental sustainability or corporate social responsibility, according to a survey of 91 US business schools, published in October 2005.

  17. The department determines whether or not the candidate haspassed the examination. In cases where an appearance for the final public oralexamination would constitute a substantial financial hardship for the candidate,the director of graduate studies, may recommend to the dean of the GraduateSchool virtual, video-conferenced examination of the candidate.

  18. Hundreds of millions of American people eat fast food everyday without giving it too much thought, unaware of the subtle and not so subtleramifications of their purchases. They just grab their tray off the counter,find a table, take a seat, unwrap the paper, and dig in. The whole experienceis transitory and soon forgotten.

  19. Fence, humanly erected barrier between two divisions ofland, used to mark a legal or other boundary, to keep animals or people in orout, and sometimes as an ornament. In newly settled lands, fences are usuallymade of materials at hand, e.g., stone, earth, or wood.

  20. Grand Canyon/科罗拉多大峡谷

    Few things in the world produce such amazement as one'sfirst of clippers of the Grand Canyon; it took around more than 2 billion yearsto create this vast wonder – in some places. 17 miles wide, largely through therelentless force of Colorado River, which runs 277 miles along its length,   amile beneath its towering rims.

  21. Growth rate/人口增长率

    How quickly is the world’s population growing? In theUnited States and other developed countries, the current growth rate is verylow. In most developing countries, the human population is growing at a rate of3 people per second. Because of this bustling growth rate, the human populationis well on its way to reaching 9 billion within lifetime.

  22. Harzard Assessment/危害评估

    A Hazard Assessment should be performed for work involvingdistillations of organic liquids and should thoroughly address issues relatingto residual water and possible decomposition of the solvent in question, aswell as the physical placement of the distillation apparatus and heatingequipment to be employed.

  23. Immense Disparity/巨大的不同

    The core of the problem was the immense disparity betweenthe country's productive capacity and the ability of people to consume. Greatinnovations in productive techniques during and after the war raised the outputof industry beyond the purchasing capacity of U.S. farmers and earners.

  24. Industrial Revolution/工业革命

    As to the Industrial Revolution, one cannot dispute todaythe fact that it has succeeded in inaugurating in a number of countries a levelof mass prosperity which was undreamt of in the days preceding the IndustrialRevolution. But, on the immediate impact of the Industrial Revolution, therewere substantial divergences among writers.

  25. Japanese tea ceremony/日本茶道

    The Japanese tea ceremony is a tour influenced by Buddhismin which green tea is prepared and served to a small group of guests in apeaceful setting. The ceremony can take as long as four hours and there aremany traditional gestures that both the server and the guest must perform.

  26. Legal writing/法律写作

    Legal writing is usually less discursive than writing inother humanities subjects, and precision is more important than variety.Sentence structure should not be too complex; it is usually unnecessary to makeextensive use of adjectives or adverbs, and consistency of terms is oftenrequired.

  27. Lenient parents/慈爱父母

    Two sisters were at a dinner party when the conversationturned to upbringing. The elder sister started to say that her parents had beenvery strict and that she had been rather frightened of them. Her sister,younger by two years, interrupted in amazement. “What are you talking about?”she said. "Our parents were very lenient."

  28. Magnetars/磁星

    The best comparison is likely a magnetar, a young neutronstar with a powerful magnetic field, the researchers said. Magnetars alsoproduce bright X-ray flares. While magnetars are thought to be young stars, thetwo flaring objects in this study reside near elliptical galaxies, whichcontain older stars. So the objects are likely too old to be magnetars, theresearchers said.

  29. Marketing Management/营销管理

    For any marketing course that requires the development of amarketing plan, such as Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy and Principlesof Marketing, this is the only planning handbook that guides students throughstep by step creation of a customized marketing plan while offering commercialsoftware to aid in the process.

  30. MBA courses/工管课程

    Along with customary classes on subjects such as finance, accounting,and marketing, today's MBA students are enrolling on courses for environmentalpolicy and stewardship. Indeed, more than half of business schools require a coursein environmental sustainability or corporate social responsibility, accordingto a survey of 91 US business schools, published in October 2005.

  31. MBA/工商管理学硕士

    Exhilarating, exhausting and intense, there are just someof the words used to describe doing an MBA, everyone's experience of doing MBAis, of course, different though denying that it's hard and demanding workwhichever course you do. MBA is one of the fastest growing areas of studying inthe UK so that must be a sustainable benefit against form in one pain.

  32. Non-material culture /非物质文化

    In comparing material with none-material culture - thefirst being the objects and technologies we create, and the second our customs,beliefs and attitudes - the speaker gives greater emphasis to the materialculture. He gives the example of the development of genetic science and thebenefits it has brought to mankind, despite a fair amount of opposition.

  33. Nutritionally bankrupt/营养欠佳

    Globalization has affected what we eat in ways we are onlybeginning to understand. Modern food production no longer related to ourbiological needs but is in direct conflict with them. The relationship betweendiet and our fertility, our cancer, heart diseases and mental illness isbecoming clear. Yet much of our food is nutritionally bankrupt.

  34. Orientalists/东方学家

    Orientalists, like many other nineteenth-century thinkers, conceiveof humanity either in large collective terms or in abstract generalities.Orientalists are neither interested in nor capable of discussing individuals;instead, artificial entities predominate. Similarly, the age-old distinctionbetween "Europe" and "Asia" or "Occident" and"Orient" herds beneath very wide labels every possible variety ofhuman plurality, reducing it in the process to one or two terminal collectiverealities.

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