【易学PTE】真题 - 高频15.0 (更新2019-09)

Listening - Write from Dictation 14.0

超高频 - Most Frequently

1.    Agood research delivers practical benefits for real people.

2.    Alaptop computer has been found in the computer lab/biological labs.

3.    Allof your assignments should be submitted by next Tuesday.

4.    Animalsraised in captivity behave differently than their wild counterparts.

5.    Assignmentsshould be submitted to the department office before the deadline.

6.    Beforesubmitting your dissertation, your advisor/adviser must approve yourapplication.

7.    Behindthe group, there is a flat cart drawn by mules.

8.    Classicalmechanism is considered as a branch of mathematics.

9.    Climatechange is now an acceptable phenomenon among reputable scientists.

10.   Clinical placements in nursing preparestudents for professional practice.   

11.   Control systems in manufacturing providea high level of accuracy.

12.   Everyone must evacuate the premisesduring the fire drill.

13.   Food cannot be eaten in the mainlibrary.

14.   Free campus tours run daily duringsummer for prospective students.

15.   Graphs and charts allowed data moreeasily to be understood.

16.   I thought it was through a small meetingroom.

17.   If finance is a cause of concern,scholarships may be available.

18.   It is absolutely vital that youacknowledge all your sources.

19.   It was hard to anticipate how all thedifferent characters would react.

20.   Journalism faces the crises in the lightof the digital revolution.

21.   Many graduates of journalism can getjobs in the communications field.

22.   Most of these features were part of theprevious system.

23.   Most of these students have notconsidered this issue before.

24.   Muscle cells bring parts of the bodycloser together.

25.   Mutually exclusive events can bedescribed as either complementary or opposite.

26.   Native speakers are exempt from thelanguage tests in their own language.

27.   New developments in manufacturing areconstantly changing the way we live.

28.   New media journalism is an interestingarea for study.

29.   Observers waited nervously and withbated breath for the concert.

30.   Our professor is hosting the businessdevelopment conference.

31.   Our study program equips students withessential skills for university.

32.   Purity is one feature that makes goldexpensive.

33.   Radio is a popular form of entertainmentthroughout the world.

34.   Renovation work is currently beingundertaken throughout the whole building.

35.   Resources and materials are on hold atthe library reference desk.

36.   Review all your sources before drawingany conclusions.

37.   Scientists are always asking thegovernment for more money.

38.   Scientists were unsure when the firstmen left Africa.

39.   She used to be the editor of the studentnewspaper.

40.   Student concession cards can be obtainedby completing an application form.

41.   Students have the options to live incollege residences or apartments.

42.   Students should leave their bags on thetable by the door.

43.   Supply and demand is one of thefundamental concepts in economics.

44.   Teaching assistants will receive amonthly stipend for housing.

45.   That means that we have so manystruggling overlaps.

46.   The aerial photographs were promptlyregistered for thorough evaluation.

47.   The application process may take longerthan it’s expected.

48.   The article reflects a number of veryinteresting experiments.

49.   The artistic S to conservativepoliticians earned their own roles of critics.

50.   The business policy seminar includes aninternship with a local firm.

51.   The celebrated theory is still thesource of great controversy.

52.   The chemistry building is located nearthe entrance to the campus.

53.   The citys/cities/cities founders created a set of rules thatbecame law.

54.   The commissioner will portion the fundsamong all the sovereignties.

55.   The department is organizing a flight toLondon in July.

56.   The evaluation forms will be reviewed byuniversity personnel.

57.   The first assignment is due on the 14thof September.

58.   The library holds a substantialcollection of materials on economic history.

59.   The massive accumulation of data wasconverted into a communicable argument.

60.   The nation achieved prosperity byopening its ports for trade.

61.   The paper challenged many previouslyaccepted theories.

62.   The placement test of mathematics andstatistics is offered every semester.

63.   The qualification will be assessed byusing a criterion reference to approach.

64.   The railway makes long-distance travelpossible for everyone.

65.   The same issues featured both explanationsof the problem.

66.   The shipwreck of this year ruined someartifacts which were interested by historians.

67.   The sociology department is highlyregarded worldwide.

68.   The students were instructed to submittheir assignments before Friday.

69.   The synopsis contains the most importantinformation.

70.   The teacher asked the group to commencethe task.

71.   The theme of the instrumental workexhibited more of a demure compositional style.

72.   The toughest part of postgraduateeducation is funding.

73.   The ways in which people communicate areconstantly changing.

74.   They developed a unique approach totraining their employees.

75.   They were/had/have been struggling lastyear to make their service pay.

76.   This morning’s lecture on economicpolicy has been canceled.

77.   Those seeking formal extension shouldcontact their faculty for information.

78.   Traffic is the main cause of airpollution in many cities.

79.   Tribes vied with each other to build upmonolithic statues.

80.   Undergraduate students may pursue theirspecific interests within specific programs(programmes).

81.   University departments carefully monitorarticles and other publications by faculty.

82.   We can’t consider any increase in ourprices at this stage.

83.   We study science to understand andappreciate the world around us.

84.   We/We’ll no longer respond to anyreference material requests.

85.   When workers ask for higher wages,companies often raise their prices.

86.   While reconciliation is desirable, basicunderlying issues must first be addressed.

87.   You are required to complete theresearch paper by Monday.

88.   You can contact all your tutors byemail.

89.   You will needto purchase an academic gown for/before the commencement/commencements.

90.   Your lowestquiz grade has been omitted from the calculations.

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