【Mock Test B】Part 4 - Listening (New)

Mock Test B: LISTENING (New)

PART 2: Fill in the Blanks: Listening

Question 1

Experimental psychological research is conducted in a lab under controlled conditions. It attempts to rely solely on an application of research methods to understand ___________and mental processes. As an example of a psychological experiment, you might want to investigate people’s _____________ of different tones. Specifically, you could ask the following questions: is it easier for people to discriminate one pair of tones from another depending on their _____________. To answer this, you would want to disprove the hypothesis that all tones are ___________ easy to discriminate.

Question 2

Graham Greene may have inadvertently supplied one of the key phrases of the past 50 years in the title of his

novel "A Burnt Out Case." The image of a ____________ fire perfectly fit the psychological ____________ of   long hours,   dashed hopes and ______________. And while burn out is not a medical diagnosis,   it describes a condition we all recognize, _______________ perhaps in ourselves.

Question 3

Well,the banana is the first cultivated fruit. It’s one of the food items that literally ______________people out of the jungle, out of their hunter-gatherer lifestyles and was there at the _______________ of agriculture which is what helped force human beings into ______________. It’s really one of the things that helped invent human culture. It's about 7,000 years of history, and the banana, from its center of__________, which is   believed to be Papua New Guinea, it spread out with people who travelled in boats across the Pacific   into the mainland   of Asia and all the way south to Australia across Indonesia and Micronesia and   eventually they moved as far as Africa and even possibly to Ecuador all in this time   and all on______________   boats and wind driven boats

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