【易学PTE】高频预测 - WFD5.0 (更新2018-10-09)

真题机经-听力Write from Dictation高频5.0








1. Acelebrated theory is still the source of great controversy. (1)

2. Agood research assistant is not afraid to ask questions. (16)

3. Accountingstudents should have a good understanding of profit and loss statements. ()

4. Allof the assignments must be submitted in person to the faculty office. 14

5. Althoughsustainable development is not easy, it is our responsibility. 11

6. Animalsraised in captivity behave differently than their wild counterparts. 23

7. Assignmentsshould be submitted to the department office before the deadline. 25

8. Beforesubmitting your dissertation, your adviser/advisor must approve yourapplication. 29

9. Behindthe crops, there is a flat cart drawn by mules. 31

10. Behindthe groups, there is a flat cart drawn by mules. 31

11. Climatechange is now an acceptable phenomenon among reputable scientists.39

12. Clinicalplacement in nursing prepares students for professional practice. 40

13. Controlsystems in manufacturing provide a high level in accuracy. 45

14. Everyonemust evacuate the premises during the fire drill. 65

15. Freecampus tours run daily during summer for prospective students. 70

16. Goodresearch paper delivers practical benefits to real people. 73

17. Graduatesof journalism can get jobs in the communications field. 76

18. Hewas constantly looking for ways to bring industry and agriculture closelytogether. (新)

19. Ithought it was through (within) the small meeting room. 86

20. Itwas hard to anticipate how all the different characters would react. 104

21. Letme know if anyone/anybody struggles in the lab. 117

22. Mostof these features were part of the previous system. 130

23. Mutuallyexclusive events can be described as either complementary or opposite. 137

24. Nativespeakers are exempt from the language tests in their own language. 138

25. Observerswaited nervously and with bated breath for the concert. 143

26. Oneof the election promises is to decrease the income tax. (新78

27. Ourprofessor is hosting the business development conference. 148

28. Participantsinitially select from a range of foundation subjects. 154

29. Pleaseclick the logo above to enter the site. (新)

30. Radiois a popular form of entertainment throughout the world. 168

31. Reviewall sources before drawing any conclusions. 178

32. Scientistsare always asking the government for more money. 184

33. Severalcandidates were graded as the greatest scientists of all time. (新)

34. Sheused to be the editor of the student newspaper. 189

35. Somepeople are motivated by competition, while others prefer collaboration. 192

36. Studentsare encouraged to monitor their own attendance. (新63

37. Studentshave the options to live in college residences or apartments. 201

38. Studentswere instructed to submit their assignments by Friday. 307

39. Students’concession cards can be obtained by completing an application form. 196

40. Supplyand demand is one of the most fundamental concepts in economics. 52

41. Teachingassistants will receive a monthly stipend for housing. 207

42. Thatmeans that we have so many struggles in the lab. (新18

43. Theability to work with fellow students cannot be stressed enough. (新65

44. Theaerial photographs were promptly registered for thorough evaluation. 19

45. Theapplication process may take longer than expected. 215

46. Thearticle refers (to)/reflects/verifies/features a number of interestingexperiments. 218

47. Theartists tied to conservative politicians earned their own roles to the critics.(新相似62

48. Thebusiness policy seminar includes an internship with a local firm. 224

49. Thechemistry building is located near the entrance to the campus. 38相似)

50. Thecity founders created a set of rules that became laws. 229

51. Thecommissioner will portion the funds among other authorities. 232

52. Theeconomy is now showing the/its first sign/signs of recovery. (新20

53. Thefirst assignment is due on the fourteenth of September. 255

54. Thelibrary holds substantial collection of materials on economic history. 270

55. Themassive accumulation of data was converted into a communicable argument. 272

56. Thenation achieved prosperity by opening its ports for trade. 278

57. Thenew medical students should attend the talk about optional courses. (新)

58. Thenew paper challenged the previously accepted theories. 353

59. Theplacement test of/for mathematics and statistics is offered every semester. 286

60. Theposter of this play is hung in the large lecture theatre. (新3

61. Thequalification will be assessed by using criterion/criteria reference to approach.290

62. Therailways make long-distance travel possible for everyone. 291

63. Thesame issue featured both explanations of the problem. 297

64. Thesociology department is highly regarded worldwide. 303

65. Thestudents were instructed to submit their assignments before Friday. 307

66. Thesummer course was cancelled due to insufficient enrolment. (新69

67. Thesynopsis contains the most important information. 70

68. Theteacher asked the group to commence the task. 309

69. Thetheme of the instrumental work exhibited more of a demure compositional style. 312

70. Thetoughest part of postgraduate education is funding. 318

71. Theways in which people communicate are constantly changing. 328

72. Thereare opportunities to receive the grants from most artistic fields. (新)

73. Therehave been (too) many struggles in the mathematics department. (新)

74. Thereis a welcome party for all new students for each term. (新73

75. Theywere struggling last year to make their service pay. 345

76. Thiscourse considerably emphasizes on the critical thinking skills. (新)

77. Thismorning’s lecture on economic policy has been cancelled. 256

78. Thisproblem is complex and difficult to explain. (新)

79. Thoseseeking for formal extension should contact their faculty for information. 356

80. Thosewho seek for formal extension should contact their faculty for information. 356

81. Trafficis the main cause of (air) pollution in many cities. 319

82. Tribesvibe/worked with each other to build up monolithic statues. 362

83. Undergraduatesmay participate in specific stages within the program. (364)

84. Undergraduatespursue their interests in special/specific stages within the program. 364

85. Universitydepartments carefully monitored/monitor articles and other publications byfaculty. 365

86. Wecan’t consider any increase in our prices at this stage. 370

87. Westudy science to understand and appreciate the world around us. 373

88. Whenworkers ask for higher wages, companies often raise their prices. 383

89. Whilereconciliation is desirable, basic underlying issues must first be addressed. 382

90. Youare required to complete the research paper by Monday. 387

91. Youcan contact all your tutors by email. 397

92. Youwill need to purchase an academic gown before the commencement. 394

93. Yourlowest quiz grade has been omitted from the calculations. 401


1. Alllectures and learning materials can be found on the internet. (新2

2. Anintroduction is an essential element of presentation. (新5

3. Collaborationbetween departments is a feature of successful companies. (新58

4. Expertsare (now) able to forecast weather over much longer periods. (新66

5. Geographyis generally divided into two branches: of human and physical. (新72

6. Heis regarded as the most foremost economist this year. (新80

7. Iffinance is a cause of concern, scholarships may be available.  89

8. Inthis language course, we focus on fluency and accuracy. 61

9. Nomore than four people can be in the lab at once.  141

10. Pleasevisit the website for information about the opening times.  160

11. Readsafety instructions before using the equipment during the workshop. (新4

12. Somedepartments have their own special book collections.  (新17

13. Students(who) attempted to go to the conference must register now. (新1

14. Studentsare encouraged to monitor studies by themselves. (新63

15. Thearticle presents a number of very interesting experiments.  6相似)

16. Thecamera can identify eyes and focus on them. (新8

17. Thedepartment has higher than normal proportion of postgraduate students. (新19

18. Thedesigners will complete the plan later today. (新)

19. Thevisiting guest used to be the lecturer of this department. (新34

20. Theessay contains most of the important information.  294

21. Theevaluation forms will be reviewed by university personnel.  249

22. Theplight of wildlife has been ignored by developers.  287

23. Theprofessor took one year working on her book. (新23

24. Thesite is to be interactive. (新68

25. Thesustainable development is not easy, but it is unavoidable.  (新11

26. Thetimetable for the next/new term will be available next week. (新82

27. Thevisitor used to be the lecturer of this department. (新7

28. Thereare different/many types of governments in the world.  (新25

29. Tomorrows lecture will discusseducational policy in the United States. 269

30. Undergraduatesneed some specific sources to analyse a program. (新27

31. Wehave not yet achieved equality in our society. (新28

32. Youshould submit your team papers to the general office.  (新29

33. Youwill acquire many skills during the academic studies.  (新57相)