听力Repeat Sentence 真题

Repeat Sentence

1.1.1      I know how to solve theproblem, but I've been asked not to tell you.

1.1.2      She sold all of herfurniture, so she could afford to feed herself and her dog.

1.1.3      Mary has nobody to talkwith, but she doesn't feel lonely.

1.1.4      I spoke to him in English,but I couldn't make myself understood.

1.1.5      The car he was ridingcrashed into a train

1.1.6      I would like todrastically decrease the amount of time it takes me to clean the house.

1.1.7      I just want to let youknow that I think you're the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen.

1.1.8      I think it's a shame thatsome foreign language teachers were able to graduate from college without everhaving studied with a native speaker.

1.1.9      Mary asked if the cat haddrunk all of the milk.

1.1.10   I think it's time for meto turn on the radio.

1.1.11   After I graduated fromcollege, I spent two years traveling around the world.

1.1.12   As soon as I can get thechance, I'll send you some money.

1.1.13   We will discuss these twopictures in next lecture.

1.1.14   Next time, we will discussthe influence of the media on public policy.

1.1.15   There is plenty of cheapaccommodation off-campus.

1.1.16   The lecture on childpsychology has been postponed until Friday.

1.1.17   The meeting will takeplace in the main auditorium.

1.1.18   The seminar will be on thelast week of the quarter.

1.1.19   Our class is divided intotwo groups, you come with me, the others stay here.

1.1.20   Professor Smith will belate for today’s lecture.

1.1.21   The circulation desk islocated on the ground floor.

1.1.22   A lot of agriculturalworkers came to the East End to look for alternative work.

1.1.23   Tutorials are held for twohours every Thursday during semester.

1.1.24   International students canget help with locating housing near the university.

1.1.25   We are not going to acceptthe assignment after the due date on Friday.

1.1.26   The English word Typhooncomes from the Chinese word big wind.

1.1.27   Please hand in assignmentsat the main office.

1.1.28   It is quite clear that therising prosperity does not make people feel more content.

1.1.29   This course will examinesome of the profound ethical dilemmas.

1.1.30   That brief outline takesus to the beginning of the 20th century.

1.1.31   Fees are heavilydiscounted and bursariesare available for delegates.

1.1.32   The development is mainlyincluded in chapter 9.

1.1.33   During the next fewcenturies, London became one of the most powerful and prosperous cities inEurope.

1.1.34   The professor will talkthe summary in the lecture.

1.1.35   The student welfareofficer can help with questions about exam techniques.

1.1.36   Please come to the nextseminar properly prepared.

1.1.37   The Romans left in 410 atthe beginning of the fifth century.

1.1.38   You will find theeconomics section on the second floor of the library.

1.1.39   New timetables will beposted on the student noticeboard.

1.1.40   All students areencouraged to vote in the forthcoming elections.

1.1.41   I'll start with a briefhistory of the district, and then focus on life in the first half of the 20th century.

1.1.42   The final year willconsist of four taught courses and one project.

1.1.43   The part of the story isthe story of my father.

1.1.44   Higher numbers of patientswere infected than during previous outbreaks of illness.

1.1.45   The visiting professor isgoing to give a lecture for geology.

1.1.46   The technology theyintroduced meant that metal and leather goods were produced there for the firsttime.

1.1.47   The smoke from thesecontributed a great deal to the air pollution.

1.1.48   Maybe it is time for me tomake some changes.

1.1.49   The arts magazine islooking for a new assistant editor.

1.1.50   The lecture will deal withthe influence of technology on music.

1.1.51   Make sure you correctlycite all your sources. (Yolanda)

1.1.52   You must establish a dayand a time with your tutor.

1.1.53   There will be noextensions given for this project.

1.1.54   Novelists have a majorrole to play in reflecting their time to their readers.

1.1.55   We like people to write acase study, describing an organisation they know.

1.1.56   Overcrowding, poorsanitary affected the daily lives of the majority of the population.

1.1.57   Many of the urban poorlived in an extremely cramped conditions.

1.1.58   The country suffered aseries of invasions by tribes from present-day Germany and Denmark.

1.1.59   Students need to finishtheir assignments during next four weeks.

1.1.60   There are hundreds ofclubs and societies to choose from.

1.1.61   Does the college refectoryoffer vegetarian dishes on a daily basis?

1.1.62   All essays and seminarpapers submitted must be emailed to your tutor.

1.1.63   He was not the only one tocall for legal reform in the 16th century.

1.1.64   The drama society is nowauditioning for parts in the student play.

1.1.65   There is a positionavailable for a junior lecture in media studies.

1.1.66   There will be asignificant rise in tuition fees starting next year.

1.1.67   In the last few weeks,we've been looking at various aspects of the social history of London.

1.1.68   You will be informed ofthe results by e-mail.

1.1.69   Please have copies of yourseminar papers in the library a week in advance.

1.1.70   Most students are noteligible to claim housing benefits.

1.1.71   If you want to quit thestudent union, tell the registrar.

1.1.72   Parents should provideguidance and examples to children’s values.

1.1.73   The campus tour will helpyou get familiar with the teaching facilities.

1.1.74   We are also going to bemore prescriptive about what you focus on in your presentation.

1.1.75   We’ve decided to ask youto write four short pieces of written coursework this year.