【易学PTE】真题 - 高频15.0 (更新2019-09)


1.    Agood abstract shows the key points of a/the paper.

2.    Aseries of lectures showed economics have been recorded.

3.    Aseries of the observations were carried out in the classroom.

4.    Academiclibraries across the world are steadily incorporating social media.

5.    Allmedical students must clean their hands before entering the room.

6.     Americanshave progressively defined the process of plant growth and reproductivedevelopment quantitative term.

7.    Animaland plant cells have a number of structures in common.

8.    Artists,other than politicians, played their own roles as critics of the culture.

9.    Asa union member, we can influence the changes of the university.

10.   Audition of the university choir will beon hold on the next week.

11.   Babies can distinguish between what islanguage and what is not.

12.   Banks charge interest for money theyloan to their customers.

13.   Blue whale is the largest mammal everlived.

14.   Career services provide tips on how toapproach job interviews.

15.   Castle was/Castles were designed tointimidate both local people and enemies.

16.   Certain organisms can reproduce usingjust only one parent.

17.   Children acquire their first languagewithout any conscious effort.

18.   Consumer confidence tends to increase asthe economy expands.

19.   Designers need to keep up with thesocial trend.

20.   Eating fish twice a week is recommendedfor a healthy diet.

21.   Even simple techniques need to bepracticed to become better.

22.   Every student has a regular meeting withhis or her personal tutor.

23.   Field trips are essential parts of most geographycourses.

24.   Food has become a political issue in theworld.

25.   Good nutrition is crucial to the generalhealth and vitality.

26.   Growing population has posed a challengeto many governments.

27.   He was regarded as the foremosteconomist at that time.

28.   His appointment to economic cultureminister was seemed as a demotion.

29.   Horizontal line on the graph indicatesthere is no period of change.

30.   Imported packages are likely to be usedin many computers.

31.   In statistics, a detailed lecture ofview is very important.

32.   In this language course, we focus onfluency and accuracy.

33.   Information technology has changed theway people work today.

34.   International exchanges form/formed theimportant part of our study program.

35.   It is necessary to dress formally forthe graduate/graduation ceremony.

36.   Let me know if anybody struggles in thelab.

37.   Make sure you choose a course thatprovides great career opportunities.

38.   Many courses in the institution arefunded by private entrepreneurs.

39.   Many universities' lectures can now bereviewed on the Internet.

40.   Materials and resources are on hold atthe library's front desk.

41.   Measures must be taken to preventunemployment rate from increasing.

42.   More graduate training is often neededafter the university study is finished.

43.   Natures are defined as specific chemicalcompounds.

44.   Neuroscience is a compound of completelyseparate parts.

45.   New materials and techniques arechanging the way of architecture.

46.   One of the functions of the internalorgan is to keep the body warm.

47.   Our facilities include five libraries inthe university.

48.   Packages are likely to be used in manycomputers.

49.   Participants initially select from arange of foundation subjects.

50.   People see stars that were billions ofyears ago.

51.   Photography can be very useful togeography research.

52.   Physics is a key subject to understandthe world and the universe.

53.   Plants are able to continue growingthroughout their lives.

54.   Practical experiments are essentialparts of (the) chemistry course/courses.

55.   Professors with higher educationalstandard trained them extremely seriously.

56.   Psychologists say what we haveexperienced influences our behaviors.

57.   Relying on natural ability will not get you far onscience.

58.   Request for late applications will notbe accepted under any circumstances.

59.   Salt is produced from the sea water orextracted from the ground.

60.   Scientists are unsure when the first manleft Africa.

61.   Scientists recognized the different icetypes according to the water molecule content.

62.   Slides and handouts can be downloadedafter lectures.

63.   Social media is criticized of causingInternet addiction.

64.   Social psychology has been considered byhuman behavior.

65.   Sociology policies are the sources ofgovernments to solve social problems.

66.   Sound waves are unable to travel throughthe vacuum.

67.   Speed is defined as how quickly a personor an object moves.

68.   Sports teams often practice onWednesdays and play games on weekends.

69.   Students’ concession cards can beobtained by completing an application form.

70.   Studying history can help you betterunderstand the present.

71.   Studying medicine is always with a widerange of opportunities.

72.   Technology is changing the way media isused and studied.

73.   The academic tradition of the schoolensures excellence.

74.   The bus for London will leave 10 minuteslater than planned.

75.   The career service provides suggestionson how to pass the job interview.

76.   The coffee machine (located) on thethird floor is not working today.

77.   The collapse of the housing market makesrecessions.

78.   The commission of funds supported amongauthorities has raised an argument.

79.   The course covers architecture planningand construction on the international scale.

80.   The course involves pure and appliedmathematics.

81.   The department works closely for/withbusiness community/communities.

82.   The economy is now showing the/its firstsign/signs of recovery.

83.   The essay will argue that the technologydoes more harm than good.

84.   The food crops require a large amount ofwater and fertilizer.

85.   The goal of the company is to getinvestment.

86.   The government is funding research study on the consequencesof unemployment.

87.   The gravity is the force that attractstwo bodies from one another.

88.   The horizontal line on the graphindicates there was no change in the period.

89.   The library will be closed for stafftraining tomorrow morning.

90.   The morning's lecture on economic policyhas been canceled.

91.   The new chemistry professor will deliverhis first lecture tomorrow.

92.   The new paper challenged the previouslyaccepted theories

93.   The northern campus car park is locatedbehind the library.

94.   The office hours will be changed fromnext term

95.   The opening hours of the library isreducing during the summer.

96.   The plight of wildlife has been ignoredby developers.

97.   The printers automatically print twosides of each page.

98.   The researchers are disappointed thattheir results are proved to be inconclusive.

99.   The science we used featured bothexplanations of the problems.

100.                Thestock market redesigned the market throughout the world.

101.                Thestudy shows the sense of recent technologies.

102.                Thetask tomorrow will require higher level skills.

103.                Thetechnician left the new microscope in the biology lab.

104.                Thetoughest part for education is funding.

105.                Thetransformation of media has changed the way information both used and studied.

106.                Theuniversity provides different facilities for students and staff.

107.                Thereare dedicated specialist librarians available all the time.

108.                Thereare many different styles of business management.

109.                Thereare opportunities to receive the grants from most artistic fields.

110.                Thereis a new chemistry test next week.

111.                Thereis a significant difference between theory and practice in education.

112.                Thereis a widely believed perception that engineering is for boys.

113.                Thereis an accounting assessment for finance students.

114.                Thereis no criterion passed for qualified journalists.

115.                Theyhave struggled since last year to make their services paid.

116.                Thisadvanced course requires a basic knowledge of economic theory.

117.                Thisbook can be borrowed for a maximum of one week.

118.                Thiscourse aims to develop your knowledge of statistics.

119.                Thispaper challenges many previously accepted theories.

120.                Timeand distance are used to calculate speed.

121.                Timetablesabout new term will be available next week.

122.                Today'shistory lecture has been moved to lecture theater.

123.                Toomuch information may be avoided by good research design.

124.                Treesbenefit the city by absorbing water run off road.

125.                Twosides have disagreed on how to solve the problem.

126.                Universitystaff provide advice on renting and accommodation.

127.                Universitystudent should purchase the graduation gown for the commencement.

128.                Unusualweather patterns are making farming more difficult today.

129.                Urbanization providesemphasis on the expense of other communities.

130.                Weare dealing with the most challenges that we face today.

131.                Weare rethinking the solutions for the society.

132.                Wehold the visiting tours throughout the year for students.

133.                Weno longer respond to any postal reference requests.

134.                You don't need to have specialist knowledge to be able to read thebook.

135.                You must hand in your essay in midday on Friday.

136.                You need to put these books on the table over there.

137.                You will be tested via quiz and dissertation.

138.                You will learn how to rationally assess your arguments.

139.                You will need to read Chapter One before the management class.

140.                Your ideas are discussed depending on your seminar or tutorial.

141.                Your statistical information depends on your raw data.

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